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Scoreboard OCR adds a professional look to any small sports production instead of displaying cropped scoreboards or having manually start/stop match time. This is a great tool to take with you when you have to go to venues you have never been to or if your wired connection to scoreboard fails.

Download demo version

  1. To start the application, currently internet connection is required. Smartphone hot-spot can also be used and later turned off.

Applications using Scoreboard OCR




  • Current state of the application is beta, we plan to release a stable commercial version soon. We intend to provide 1 month demo period (also for existing users).
  • Feel free to suggest new features
  • We are updating the application regularly by solving issues related to a specific scoreboard and adding features that will improve life for everyone, click here for changelog

Use cases

  • Since July 2017 our partner PolarHD has used Scoreboard OCR for basketball, floorball, hockey, futsal, handball, fistball, tennis, etc (1000+ matches, 500 of those for FIBA Europe)
  • Currently hundreds of users are using Scoreboard OCR in live production

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