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Video Tutorial: How to choose digit format

Digit tricks, that are supported

  1. 1/10 of a second is recognized correctly
  2. Colon, dash, point recognized as a digit separators (mm:ss, ss:d,, ss.d, mm-ss, ss-d)
  3. Digit separator changing place (for example, digit separator moves when last minute of the match starts)
  4. Shot clock counting 7, 6, 5, 4.9, 4.8, 4.7 supported (FIBA regulations) assuming clearly visible delimiter

Output format validation

  • To make sure that Scoreboard OCR does not output impossible match time, for example “17:82”, we have introduced format validation. If application recognizes an invalid value for the chosen format, it will keep outputting the last value that was valid.
  • This feature also helps to output time delimiter “:” or “.” for different time formats that will appear on scoreboard, such as “mm:ss” or “ss.d” (where “d” stands for 1/10 of a second).

Validation formatExampleWhen to use this validation?
Time (mm:ss)5:13When capturing match time or penalty time, that never goes into 1/10 of a second
Time (mm:ss, ss.d)12:45, 45.9When capturing match time, that might display 1/10 of a second during the last minute of the match (usually basketball)
24sec shot clock (ss)19When capturing 24sec shot clock that does not go into 1/10 a second in basketball
24sec shot clock (ss, s.d)4.9When capturing 24sec shot clock that goes into 1/10 a second in basketball (6 → 5 → 4.9 → 4.8)
CustomAny valueThere is no validation, this is the default value. Use this for team score, fouls, etc
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