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Other generic ways to send data to graphics engine or cloud

Common output features

  • If you check “Padded”, then field values will be padded based on the validation format chosen (for example “mm:ss” format means that there must be 5 characters, therefore “1:34” would be changed to “ 1:34” on output). This deals with font alignment issues on the graphics.

We are still investigating the following software

  • Chyron Hego Lyric, Avid Maestro, Vizrt Engine, Deltacast DELTA-cg, live.score, Softlab NSK, Atlas Sport,, Ross Xpression CG, Streamstar Scoreplus

If you are not sure, whether your software is supported or not, just send us an email to and we will if necessary develop integration (assuming graphics software supports reading data from external sources).

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