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How to send data to NewBlueFX Titler Live?

There are several ways how to send data from Scoreboard OCR to NewBlueFX Titler Live:

  1. Using CSV. This method does not support reading data 10x a second
  2. [Alternative method coming soon]

1. Using CSV

  1. In Scoreboard OCR choose CSV output option and activate capture
  2. In NewBlueFX Go to Inputs → General → Spreadsheet
  3. Choose the CSV file created by Scoreboard OCR
  4. Add CSV field to the respective graphics template


  1. If you see digits blinking (disappearing and appearing as the value changes), you have to go to “Edit Template Desing”, click on the field, extend the timeline and delete “Fade in” and “Fade out” events, see screenshot here: bluefx.jpg
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