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Scoreboard OCR is an application that captures scoreboard and recognizes digits for live sports production

Who can benefit from this solution?

  • Sports leagues, each club producing its home match. Scoreboard OCR is a way to increase the production level of whole league by getting rid of picture-in-picture cropped scoreboards.
  • Streaming companies. Scoreboard OCR adds a professional look to any small sports production instead of displaying cropped scoreboards or manually stopping and starting match time. This is a great tool to take with you when you have to go to venues you have never been to.
  • TV production companies. Scoreboard OCR is a backup solution, if your primary wired connection to scoreboard fails. It can also save the day if original scoreboard does not work and is replaced with a temporary scoreboard.

Download demo version

  1. To start the application, currently internet connection is required. Smartphone hot-spot can also be used and later turned off.



  • Current state of the application is beta, we plan to release a stable commercial version in January. We intend to provide 1 month demo period.
  • Feel free to suggest new features
  • We are updating the application regularly by solving issues related to a specific scoreboard and adding features that will improve life for everyone, click here for changelog

Use cases

  • Since July 2017 our partner PolarHD has used Scoreboard OCR for basketball, floorball, hockey, futsal, handball, fistball, tennis, etc (1000+ matches, approx. 500 of those for FIBA Europe tournaments)
  • Currently hundreds of users are using Scoreboard OCR in live production

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